Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Q. What is 1000 Conversations Across Canada on Reconciliation?
A. 1000 Conversations is a national campaign intended to engage all Canadians in a dialogue about the history of residential schools, their resulting impacts and the need for healing and reconciliation.

Q, What is the goal of 1000 Conversations Across Canada on Reconciliation?
A. The goal is to register 1000 conversations on healing and reconciliation from Canada’s history and legacy of residential schools over a one year period, starting May 26, 2009.

Q. Where can I host a conversation?
A. Anywhere. At work, a dinner party at your home, over coffee, at your church, in your school, in your community club or in any space where you talk with your friends, family and colleagues.

Q. Do I need specific knowledge of residential schools to host a conversation?
A. No, anyone can host a conversation.

Q. What if I don’t have much knowledge about residential schools?
A. Anyone who wants to host a conversation will receive an information package that has been specifically prepared to help you get started. This package contains: background information on the history and legacy of residential schools, milestones in Canada’s healing and reconciliation movement; conversation starters; and a 7-minute DVD containing the stories of two Residential School Survivors.

Q. Do I need to stick to or only use the conversation starters for my conversation?
A. No, your conversation can be focused on reconciliation and residential schools in any way that you want. Those conversation starters are provided for those seeking assistance in hosting and guiding their conversation.

Q. How many people need to participate for my conversation to be included as part of 1000 Conversations?
A. Minimum is 2 people and there is no maximum.

Q. How do I get an information package to host a conversation?
A. You can print the background document and conversation starters from Or you can email us your address and we’ll send an information package to your home or work.

Q. How do I register/share my conversation once it is complete?
A. Go to, and fill in the form on the left hand side. We will post the date and location of your conversation, as well as the names of those who participated. We will also be able to post any pictures, videos or notes that you take of your conversation.

Q. What happens once I have shared my conversation on the website?
A. We will send you and the participants in your conversation a gift that acknowledges your involvement in 1000 Conversations.

Q. Will any of my contact information be posted on the site?
A. No. We only require your email, phone number and home or work address to send you information packages for your conversation or to contact you should you have any questions.

Q. Who are the organizers of 1000 Conversations?
A. The Legacy of Hope Foundation and Native Counselling Services of Alberta have partnered to create this campaign. The Legacy of Hope Foundation is a national charitable organization whose purpose is to educate and create awareness and understanding of the legacy of residential schools, including the effects and intergenerational impacts on First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples, and to support the ongoing healing process of Residential School Survivors.

Native Counselling Services of Alberta, established in 1970, provides a number of services and programs that contribute to the holistic development and wellness of the Aboriginal individual, family and community. Native Counselling Services of Alberta also organizes the National Day of Healing and Reconciliation held on May 26 each year, which is a movement of people committed to moving forward collectively within our families, communities, and across Canada for the purposes of healing and reconciliation.

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