#280 Health and Social Services

  • Attendees: 50-200 people
  • Place: Cape Dorset, Nunavut

Please tell us (in detail) about your event/conversation:

In discussion with community members it has been decided that a National Day of Healing and Reconciliation would be very beneficial in Cape Dorset. We were thinking that it would be beneficial to have a healing session in the afternoon on that day with as many community members as possible. Have some fun games for the kids, have some elders and community members speak on positive ways that we can grow as a community and then have a feast to finish off the day.

How will your event/ conversation relate to healing and reconciliation?

Cape Dorset is a Northern community that has a lot of healing that needs to be done. Getting community members together as a group to share stories, food, and laughter is a great way to develop community spirit and to join together as a cohesive group. It would be beneficial for all of the community members.

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