# 115 Blueberry River First Nations Community Support Centre

  • Attendees: 50-200 people
  • Place: Buick, British Columbia

Please tell us (in detail) about your event/conversation:

We are planning the grand opening of the Blueberry River First Nations community support center.  “Building Bridges: creating new beginnings” We will have an open house on June 11, 2011 at 10 am to 3 pm.  We are planning a day of family activities, guest speaker, and a feast.

How will your event/conversation relate to healing and reconciliation?

Our event relates to healing and reconciliation as our community center is in place to assist all community members in dealing with daily and/or crisis challenges that impact daily living including the goals they have for themselves and their families.  Many of us are dealing with hurts of the past that continue to exist; we can’t change the past but we can learn to deal with the consequences and let go of the pain associated with it.

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