# 114 Tskwaylaxw First Nations

  • Attendees: over 200 people
  • Place: Lillooet, British Columbia

Please tell us (in detail) about your event/conversation:

“The Strength to Carry On”

We will host an exhibition/gathering style event with vendors from seminars, treatment facilities and organizations that can distribute information about their programs and how to get involved.  We’ve have an honoring ceremony with traditional hand drumming and singing and a few people to share their story on how and what they used to help with their journey.  Hand out small tokens of appreciation and acknowledgement of their hard work.  Afterwards, a traditional feast and open microphone.  We can have traditional hand drumming, singing and dancing.  We’d have a march around our community with a healing walker to open the day.  Food will be donated by the Mental Health Department and cooked by volunteers.

How will your event/conversation relate to healing and reconciliation?

We want what is best for our people, to be happy, humble and whole; for ourselves and our generations to come.  The significance of the celebration is to allow positive growth and unity through achieving our restorative goals, while inspiring and promoting the programs we feel strongly about tha have helped define us as people. We would have delegated from each program to speak on their journey and information on how to join or assist in their self-care plans.  Programs include Drug and Alcohol Treatments, Healing Conferences and workshops: personal growth like Choices, New Directions, and Flying on Your Own. We’ve had many members reach out to personal development such as one on one counselling and traditional ceremonies, whom are more than willing to assist in reaching out to our people and speak on their cause or programs.

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