# 112 Tseycum First Nation

  • Attendees: 50-200 people
  • Place: Tseycum First Nation

Please tell us (in detail) about your event/conversation:

The Tseycum First Nation community would like to host a day of healing and fun events that concentrate on positive mental, spiritual, emotional and physical well-being of the combined generations.

We would like to begin tradition of “Healing thru Heritage” with a day filled with events that show and teach our multi-generations how to do cedar weaving, demonstrations of wool weaving on looms, sewing tables as well as activities that build on physical development and skills of our children and adult community.

How will your event/conversation relate to healing and reconciliation?

We would like to come together as a communiyt and recognize the growth and positive community building that has occured over the past few years.  The residential school affected more than just one generation within a family, which is shy a community event to celebrate community “Healing thru Heritage” is necessary.

Tseycum First Nation has accomplished more than just infrastructural advancement, they have walk with their community members to advance themselves into the 21st century.  Healing trough training Band Members to fill various needs of our community.  Infant/parent support worker, maintenance workers etc. through this capacity building among the Band members, a stronger sense of pride and self-esteem has emerged.  Our Band members are now able to enter the work many fields on equal grounds as the general public.


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