#23 – Ki-Low-Na Friendship Society

We have planned to have a table set up and decorated with posters and educational materials on our National Aboriginal Day Celebrations on June 21st. We usually have 1500 to 2000 people attend and if we have a table set up with this material available we are more able to educate in a positive way and to have all information available to our people, who come from afar to attend this wonderful huge celebration that the City of Kelowna helped to fund. Any other questions regarding this wonderful day of reconciliation please email me at any time and I can make available some of the pictures and stories of our successful National Aboriginal Day Celebrations and how we honor all our local Residential School Survivors!

We honor all our Residential School Survivors with a song and a dance at our Mini Pow Wow and have a table set up with these free promotional materials available with someone manning the table to explain what this day is and what it means to us. We will have conversations, positive communications and educate all who want to know more. This table will be among many craft tables and will have lots of educational materials regarding the National Day of Healing and Reconciliation and posters will surround the table as well as letting everyone know we are an entire community on a healing journey and what we can do to help promote this healing journey for all!!

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