#13 – “We Are” Video and Reconciliation

Edmonton Youth Learn the Need for Reconciliation While Producing “WE ARE” Video

An informal gathering on January 3, 2010, in Edmonton viewed “We Are”, a new video and met two of the people involved in its production. Seneca Crowe, (second from left in photo below) a 14 year old Stoney student introduced the video and told how she and her friends produced it with the help of her mother, Charlene Bearhead, who was also present.

The complete “WE ARE” video.

The video tells the story of how a group of young people went about learning the history of their people in Canada including Japanese, Chinese, German and Stoney/Cree – all of whom suffered from government actions and policy, at various stages in Canada’s history. Seneca, in introducing the video, explained how her involvement in the National Day of Healing and Reconciliation helped her to see the need for reconciliation and gave her the motivation to produce the video as a way to do something about it.

After viewing the video the 16 people present had a lively discussion about how it had impacted them and shared ideas about how to promote it. A young lady visiting from the Ukraine said she was inspired to hear how young people and others in Canada are working to make people aware of their history and finding ways to share. She told about a similar need in the Ukraine and the reconciliation work she was involved in there with Initiatives of Change, an international ngo.

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