#12 – Returning to Spirit

Everyone attending had completed a prior workshop with one workshop of First Nations people and one workshop for ‘church’ people.

These workshops covered the same areas and followed the same format but within those two broader groupings. Then those who gathered for this particular workshop each spent an additional 2 days together before our two groups came together for a three day period of ‘conversation’ amongst First Nation and ‘church’ people.
This helped to ensure that our intentions were such that we could indeed enter into conversation in a way that respected each person and created space for listening, sharing, healing, and reconciliation all without blaming and accusation.

Because of the preparatory work that each individual had completed under the direction of the facilitators, we could trust that this would be a safe place to share our stories, listen to the stories of the ‘other’, to truly hear and feel heard, to grieve and to let go knowing that we were not alone in our pain or sorrow but that we were now ready to move forward and had indeed created space to do so. It is hard to live in a different way if we never really make room to do so.

The ‘Returning to Spirit’ program is a powerful transformational process that creates a space for all of us to stand together in presence to one another just as we are – however we call ourselves and to move ahead in willingness to create something new. It is an opportunity to be reconciled with a past which holds great shame and pain – and to successfully claim an intention to be something different in this present and in the future.

I have worked with people my whole life and had come to believe that impact to ‘person’ takes generations to break. ‘Returning to Spirit’ dispels this myth demonstrating that lasting transformation can indeed happen in a very short time – we need to choose it.

People’s mannerisms, the way they carry themselves, the way their face appears, and their inner feelings change for the positive in dramatic lasting ways during a ‘Returning to Spirit’ workshop. Not only in regards to issues resulting from Residential Schools, but within our personal lives – our families, our workplaces, and our communities. I would encourage anyone to embrace the opportunity to live intentionally and authentically and be all they have been created to be and this workshop is that chance.

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